Bountiful Beer Bread Preparation & Suggestions

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  • Judy Nuss

    Beer Bread

    My adult children love the beer bread. For Easter I made a breakfast one with a can of cream soda, dried cherries/blueberries with some grated orange peel. I also added some cinnamon. In the melted butter I added some more of the orange peel and sugar sprinkled on top. Yummy

  • Mominthekitchen

    Favorite Tastefully Simple Product!

    This is our family’s favorite Tastefully Simple product. It’s easy to make and delicious whether you go for the traditional version with beer or a sweet version using soda. We use it to make french toast, cube it to serve with dip or toast it for breakfast!

  • Radio Gaga

    Great texture and easy to make

    Easy to make and heavier texture so is great for sandwiches or toasting. Unfortunately it is too sweet for a savory sandwich. Maybe add some cinnamon and make a coffee cake type sweet bread. Half the sugar (or all) could be removed and I think it would make a better sandwich bread. Just a thought.

  • BeerBread awesome

    Bountiful Beer Bread

    We absolutely love the beer bread and have been buying it for years. It is always a hit at any party. It is especially good with spinach dip, our favorite. We love that you can use other flavors/drinks in addition to beer

  • Auntieyram

    love this beer bread

    I absolutely love this beer bread. My husband and I are not big bread eaters but when I make of loaf of this it is gone. I love to take this to parties with a dip for friends and relatives to enjoy. Everybody asks where did you get that bread? I tell them it is a family secret. ha ha.

  • LOVEofBeerbread

    I LOVE Bountiful Beer Bread.

    Bountiful Beer Bread has always been a treat for dipping in a dip made with Spinach & Herb Seasoning.

  • Tina Ri

    Goes with everything

    My entire family makes beer bread for holidays and parties. It pairs with any dip, soup or meal. Easy to make and even the non-cook can make this. Fast and easy too.

  • A Dean

    Beer Bread nutrition

    I love beer bread but this nutrition label has to be wrong! Adding beer does not add any additional carbs to the recipe??

  • Hawtgranny

    Holidays full of beer bread

    I bought the three pack beacuse I ate some at my granddaughters and loved it. It is really good with a dip or spread.

  • Beer Bread Fan 18

    Beer Bread

    I love this bread! Being quick to prepare and being so delicious is the real plus!