Bountiful Zucchini Bread

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  • Melinda Kearns


    This is very tasty!

  • VictoriaH2021

    Great Way to Use Up Zuchinni!

    Delicious spread with peanut butter. I used a bottle of root beer instead of the lemon-lime soda recommendation. Really easy to make. I'll make this again.

  • BlessedRose

    Great flavor!

    You have to try it with a bottle of ginger beer! The flavor is awesome! For another variation add the Bacon jam too..these flavors make a great grilled cheese! And with zucchini in there you got your veggies !

  • lovetastefullysimple70

    Easiest Zucchini Bread EVER - Yum!

    This people...listen to me when I tell you that this was the easiest zucchini bread I have ever made and oh so tasty. You need this in your life. I made it for a board meeting and there was none leftover. Gone...all of it gone.

  • Marylou B

    Best Zucchini Bread

    This bread is delicious! This time I made it in the TS Silicone bar pan which was great it cut down the cooking time by 1/2 so it only took 30 minutes to cook! I also squeezed out most of the zucchini juice as well as it was very juicy. I did the topping on all but 4 because my boyfriend only likes sweet things in moderation!

  • IndigoMont

    Lightened up but still delicious!

    I used amber beer instead of soda (just can't take the idea of all the sugar in sodas). I also live at altitude, but I didn't add the 2 T. water. Even though I drained and squeezed the liquid out of my shredded zucchini, it was still plenty moist. I skipped the cinnamon sugar topping, just poured the melted butter on top. Smells amazing and tastes so good, and I don't miss any extra sweetness.

  • Marylou

    Best zucchini bread

    We had this bread at a success event in CT it was a hit! I have an end of summer party and this is going to be what I bring!!!

  • TSAngieShaffer


    Delicious bread! I made this for my co-workers and they polished it off very quickly!

  • TSLoverinNJ

    Nothing like bread... and everything like CAKE!

    This was such a hit in my house! Moist, sweet, healthy ;) and delicious!


    super easy & delicious!

    2 thumbs up! I had extra zucchini so I used some to make this bread. It was really simple to throw together and really tastes yummy!