Cheeseburger Skillet

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  • MomOf3Boys

    Make it weekly recipe!

    This recipe is so good and so easy! It's made with ingredients I always have on hand in 1 pot in less than 30 minutes. My family would eat this once/week if I made it that often. Lots of flavor and super easy. I actually make mine without the cheese since that's how they like it and it's still very, very good.

  • carah

    Easy Skillet best one

    Our family has been making this for about 4 years, it's super easy and fast. Kids have learned how to make it now and love to do so.

  • tastefullylibby

    Love this recipe!

    It's our go-to dinner for busy nights. Everyone cleans their plates when I serve it.

  • CosioFam

    Two thumbs up with the entire family!

    We always have Garlic Garlic and Mama Mia Marinara Mix on hand so we decided to give this a try last night adapting the recipe to use our electric pressure cooker (the IP). SO GOOD! I started by browning the beef with the Garlic Garlic using the Saute feature of our pressure cooker. Then, added the tomato sauce, water, milk, and Mama Mia. Gave it a quick stir and then set the pressure cooker to Manual for 8 minutes. Once it finished we added the cheese and served. The flavors were delicious and the process was super simple. I highly recommend giving this recipe a try. It will please the whole family!

  • Mom of 3 Boys

    Whole family loved it!

    Our entire family loves this recipe!! We make it 2-3 times per's a recipe that everyone asks for!!! Delicious, quick, and I always have the ingredients on hand!

  • Winkychick

    Hamburger Helper on Steroids!

    Family loved it! Even my picky eater. I read the other reviews and used the 28 oz can of tomato sauce. It was delicious. I went back to store and made 2 more batches for freezer meals.

  • MrsManlief

    This was a hit!

    I made this last night because I needed something to make with ground beef and I had all of the ingredients handy! My 9 year old ate 3 helpings!!! He said it was awesome! Now I did substitute mozzarella for the cheddar cheese because it sounded better and I used way more than 1/2 a cup! I also made garlic parmesan pepsi/beer bread to go with it.

  • Jenkrs

    Easy and delicious!

    The whole family loved this one. I doubled up on the tomato sauce, since we like a saucier pasta. We will make this again soon!

  • MarcyF

    Quick and SIMPLE!

    Everyone LOVED it ..... I did alter, however ! I know that my husband needs saucy pasta ... So I doubled the tomato sauce and used a 28oz can! It was AMAZING ! They said, " make again!" I had a cooking day yesterday ... So while I had everything dirty ... I fried the meat, and seasoned and added the sauce .... Let that sit overnight .... So all I had to do today was add it to the skillet and add the rest of the ingredients ... Done in 20 minutes while I put together a salad

  • MarjG

    TS the Best Hamburger Helper!

    This was very quick to make, less than 30 minutes. I only added a little cheese at the end. So this can definitely be made with different variations. Very Tasty and was a hit with the Family. Made a large skillet, even sent some home with my Mom.