Chicken Tortilla Soup Mix Preparation & Suggestions

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  • Gabrielle Hagele

    Easy to make and Wonderful Tasting

    I used 6 cups water, and some half and half (used what I little I had left). Also used 1 can of fired roasted tomatoes, drained, slow-cooked Shredded Magic Chicken, and freshly squeezed half a lime. Tasted good if not better than what I have picked up from restaurants. Bottomline, this soup is a winner.

  • Pamela Petty

    Quick, Easy Meal

    I added the black beans and diced tomatoes. Garnished with tortilla strips and Queso Fresco. Just wished I had some sliced avocado to add. Hearty and filling.

  • Denise Vandermey

    Very delicious and tasty!

    One of the best soupsI have ever made

  • Melvin Flenner

    Chicken tortilla soup

    Added a can of Bush’s taco black beans, whole corn and rotisserie chicken. Was Delicious

  • FreelandMom

    Restaurant Quality

    Added Magic Chicken and a can of Fire Roasted diced tomatoes not drained and just 4 cups of water! Ready in just 20 minutes! Amazing flavor!

  • Vera Anderson

    My favorite by far

    This soup is AWESOME! So much flavor and a hit at my house. I added canned chicken, but next time I will cook up some chicken and add it. I also added mozzarella cheese, sour cream, and cilantro after it was done to add an extra pop of flavor.