Creamy Spinach & Herb Potato Salad

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  • Creamy Spinach Herb Potato Salad




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12 Reviews
  • Luckysandy

    A big hit at my tastefully simple party!

    I made this for a tasting party and it went over so well everyone ordered the seasoning! I’m a huge fan of this product.

  • TsbyRobyn

    LOVE This Recipe!!

    Potato salad has always been a favorite in my house. Since trying this recipe - it's now REQUESTED every time we get together with family and friends!

  • CookinNow

    Perfect Recipe

    I love potato salad but did not have a good recipe. This one is delicious!

  • treener7

    SO yummy!!!

    I made this for a 4th of July cookout. I'm super picky about potato salad and swear my mom makes the best one! And this is a contender, for sure!

  • Rosebud77


    We made this potato salad for a family gathering and everyone loved it and asked for the recipe!!! Can't wait to make it again.

  • Christy412

    Friends and family loved it!

    I took this to a neighborhood picnic last night and everyone loved it. I only used half of the salt because we don't care for much, but it still tasted great. I will definitely make this again.

  • Molicious

    So much better than what we usually have!

    No special prep or ingredients needed to make this amazing potato salad. I've been taking potato salad to gatherings for years and I must have received 15 compliments on the potato salad. I don't remember that happening before.....ever!

  • TS For Dinner TS for Life

    So delicious!

    Always been used to the bland potato salad and was a little hesitant to try something new but this potato salad was amazing! Everyone kept complimenting me and saying how delicious it was. A definite dish for the next gathering. This would also be amazing as mashed potatoes, minus the eggs and celery.

  • AzoreanGirl83

    Awesome side dish!

    I was asked to make a potato salad for a get together and was weary of making one because A) I'm really picky about my potato salad and B) because I had never made one before. Let me just say, I hit it out of the ball park with this recipe! I loved it, as did everyone who tried it. All I heard was "This is so good, who made it?" and "Wow, this is great, I love it!" Super easy and so tasty. This is now going to be a go-to side dish for me!

  • dawno33

    Very tasty classic potato salad

    This is a classic potato salad. I love the little hint of mustard that goes along with the Spinach & Herb. YUM!