Dill Veggie Pizza

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6 Reviews
  • The Foodie Mama

    Summer Favorite

    This is a summertime favorite for sure! So delicious and refreshing! Easy to make and loved by all!

  • BurgersAreTheBest

    Crowd pleasing appetizer!

    I made this for a food day at work, and everyone loved it! I was surprised at how many people had never had a cold, veggie pizza appetizer before. The dill was present, but not over powering. It was fresh, delicious and easy to make. I made everything separately the night before, and then assembled in the morning, and that worked just fine.

  • Ilovemyts

    BEST Crowd Pleaser EVER!

    I brought this to 1 family gathering, now I'm told I won't be allowed in the door unless I'm bringing these pizzas. My family and friends are SO addicted to this pizza! I put all types of veggies on it, red & green peppers, cucumber, summer squash, de-seeded tomato. The possibilities are endless.

  • Chapswife

    Ladies loved it!

    Made the Dill Veggie Pizza for bunco and the ladies loved it!

  • DillPickle10

    New Way to Enjoy Veggies

    The Dill Pickle Dip is a brings all the flavors of the veggies together. It was easy for the kids to prepare as well!

  • gourmetd

    Best appetizer ever!!

    I made this pizza for a team meeting and everyone just loved it!! Dill pickle is one of our favorite products. I simply did a 'search' under that product and picked a new recipe to try. Will be making all summer long!