Garlic Parmesan Chicken Dip

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  • Garlic Parmesan Chicken Dip




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4 Reviews
  • happytoeat

    Impressive Chicken Dip

    This was so good and very easy to make. I made one for my family and they loved so the next day I made another and took it to work and got nothing but rave reviews. Could be done without it being a flag so it could be for anytime of the year just sprinkle with cheese and tomatoes on top.

  • Luckysandy

    Super easy and delicious!

    I made this for a tastefully simple tasting party and everyone loved it . I used very finely chopped leftover roasted chicken from the deli at the grocery store . Tasty!

  • MarjG

    Awesome! Looks like a Flag and Tastes Even Better!

    This is very Easy to Make, Very Patriotic and Best of all, Tastes Awesome!!

  • JLo4U

    Very good! Tamed down the heat

    This was so good I had to keep going back for more. All of the ingredients together made it a delicious, unique dip