Garlic Parmesan Wings

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  • Garlic Parmesan Wings




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  • maggardk04

    Yum Yum Sauce

    I'm soooo glad this made it back into our product line! This sauce is so flavorful and versatile! We use it on everything! Makes a delicious quick boost to any ordinary chicken strip!!

  • Beth Wigg6


    Love this sauce, excellent on chicken fingers. Xxxxxxxx

  • BellaG

    Garlic Parmesan Wings

    This is a family favorite...excellent flavor! Not to mention...easy!

  • sueh

    my family loves this! I use Boneless chicken

    I choose Boneless chicken the spice! And I put it in the crock pot too so easy! !

  • TT Loves TS

    Best wings ever!

    I love this sauce and it is such an easy meal to make. We have these all the time. YUMMY!!

  • KatD13

    Fun, easy and great tasting appetizer!

    I needed a last minute appetizer for a party last weekend. These were SO easy and everyone loved them!

  • nefoodie

    Perfect heat and flavor ratio!

    Everyone in the family loved it! Enough heat to satisfy the adults and great flavor the kiddos loved!

  • Srm4344

    Fantastic wing sauce

    My kids love this sauce! It has a slight kick to it but it's not too hot. It is the definite favorite in my house.

  • fixitfast

    Easy and a hit with all!

    I made these at my Open House and they were gone in no time. Just a little kick, not too spicy.

  • KimberlyK

    Your 'Go To' Game Day Appetizer!

    Quick, easy and delicious! Grab a few to start with, because they'll be gone by the time you go back for more!