Ham & Cheese Egg Nests

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  • Mominthekitchen

    Breakfast for dinner is delicious!

    We loved making these simple ham & cheese egg nests. The recipe made more than 12 and we made a second batch with bacon. Great for any meal of the day and a quick grab and go option when needed!

  • Breakfast nest

    Sooooo yummy!

    Made these on Sunday, so my kids could have them for the week and the aroma was incredible while they were baking. The whole family wanted to split in just to try and they were a huge hit! Even my pickiest eater lived them. They were very easy to make and loaded with flavor.

  • Chef Alex

    Sooooo yummy!

    These little breakfast nests are packed with flavor and so easy to make. My family couldn't wait for breakfast tomorrow to try them!

  • Phyllis

    Egg Nests!

    I make 48 every month, package 2 in a baggie and freeze. I take a baggie to work and heat up in the toaster over. It's the best, I vary ham and bacon, can be done with onion, tomato, peppers, it's great for single people, families...can't say enough about it. The perfect breakfast

  • CookingDuck

    Very tasty

    I like these and froze them for future use. The only thing I would do differently next time is to measure the potatoes and use 3 1/2 cups vs the full package. I had left over mix and wasn't sure how they would turn out.

  • Blj11270

    Nice idea for breakfast

    Neat idea. Very easy to make. First time I made them, had problems with them sticking even after spraying the pan. Second time, I used metal liners. Had no problem getting them out.

  • HeidiL

    My family DEVOURED them!!

    Just made this one for Sunday lunch! Doubled the recipe to make 2 muffin pans because it looked like something my family would like. The recipe did not disappoint!! Nothing I would change about this recipe (besides doubling it!) it was a huge hit!