Hot Garlic Garlic Dip

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  • Steph0910

    Such a hit!

    We usually have the regular garlic garlic dip at our gatherings but since its winter i decided to make this warm recipe. IT WAS GONE within the first half hour. We served this with veggies and crackers.

  • Heartmommy2005

    Had to order more Garlic Garlic

    Used this recipe so much had to order more Garlic Garlic. Do simple and so delicious

  • Chrystal

    I loved this so much better than the cold version!

    I decided to mix mine with a cup of Mexican 4 cheese shreads instead (it's what I had on hand). It tastes awesome with plain pita chips!!!! This would be awesome on top of a garlic bread too I would imagine.

  • Nancylovestoeat

    Just WOW!

    A hostess made this at her party without my knowledge. When I tasted it, I decided that will be my garlic dip at the rest of my parties! It's amazing.

  • JenD

    Easy crowd pleaser!

    I have made this dip multiple times & I never have left overs! I serve it with tortilla chips & everyone seems to love it. I get asked how to make it often & people are so surprised how easy it is to make.

  • SusanM

    My newest addiction!!

    This was absolutely delicious. I made it for a meeting and the plate was almost licked clean. I will definitely be making this one again.

  • Myjar

    Way too salty!

    I followed the recipe. No way to mess it up. Very easy directions. Just VERY salty.

  • TS Kelly

    Quick and Delicious Warm Dip

    I made this dip for a meeting I was attending, and it was a big hit. I (naturally) taste tested it and wanted to keep it home for myself. Fortunately, it's simple to make so making it again is a no-brainer. This warm dip is cheesy and delicious with the right amount of garlic flavor. I made it with Colby Jack shredded cheese since that's what I had on-hand. I've added this to my go-to recipes.

  • MT105


    I made this for a family party because it just sounded so good............ and it was!! No one left the appetizer table until it was gone and everyone wanted to know what was in it!

  • KellyJo

    Best hot dip ever!

    If you like the Garlic Garlic dip cold then you will love it hot! This is quick and easy and can be served within 15 minutes! Love, love, love it!