Oh My! Chai Drink Mix Preparation & Suggestions

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  • Oh My Chai Drink Mix Preparation Suggestions
  • Oh My Chai Drink Mix Preparation Suggestions




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7 Reviews
  • Angie

    Oh My! Chai

    I’ve had chai at a big name coffee shop and it pales in comparison. This chai is so rich and delicious. I love it as a drink but also in my cool whip which I dollop on my pumpkin pie! Yum!

  • Kim

    Oh my chai

    Please bring back the chai tea. It's my favorite. Can't find anything like it.

  • Linda Roberts

    Oh my chai

    Please sell it year round.. It’s hard to find chai that I really like.. Thank You

  • Chai lover forever

    Oh my chai!!

    I have been looking for this for a few years now. What happened I use to buy it by the case. Did you change the recipe and scare people away. Bring back the original

  • oh my me

    loved oh my chai

    Adored this drink. I used to buy 2 at a time. With cold weather in the future it sure would be great.

  • Addicted to Chai

    Oh MY Goodness!!

    I have been a fan of this for many years now. I used to meet my TS lady in the parking lot (& kid about how illegal this looks)of the closest store to both of us.I bought 3 pkgs about a month ago & just found out you are changing the recipe (BOO) so, I just bought 6 more!! I hope it won't change the flavor too much!

  • ServantChristy

    I love this

    I love this for just a quick relax with a good book-great combination