Perfectly Potato Cheddar Quiche

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  • Perfectly Potato Cheddar Quiche




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  • Vickil

    Not Bad - But Not Great

    I just wasn't wowed by this one. I used Swiss cheese in place of Cheddar (it's what I had on hand) and added green onion. I also only used 2 slices of bacon. It just seemed bland. From Tastefully Simple: We are sorry to hear you are not happy with the recipe. Please reach out to your consultant or to Tastefully Simple Customer Service at so that we can ensure you get resolution through our Love It Guarantee.

  • Joni


    This was so salty we could not even eat it

  • Travelgrl

    Simple and Easy Quiche

    Our quiche is favorite for my office parties. We can use bacon instead of ham. Simply delicious.

  • Haley A

    Simple and delicious breakfast!

    Easy to whip up for a great breakfast. Love the flavor! Everyone in my family loves this breakfast quiche!

  • MothersDayBrunchEVERYyr

    Quick easy delicious quiche!

    I add more cheddar cheese, bacon bacon, and cauliflower and or broccoli. My other favorite is with crab meat, spinach & herb and swiss cheese!

  • HenningSam

    Perfectly Potato Cheddar quiche

    Too salty! Almost impossible to eat if you add ham or bacon.

  • Akloppy

    A go to recipe

    This is one of the most flavorful quiche I've made. Love to make it with a whole wheat pie crust!

  • suzanne6666

    Great use for any leftover meat

    You know how you cook extra hamburgers on maybe Sunday when you are grilling and by Tuesday they look like hockey pucks in your fridge and no one wants to eat them? Well now you don't have to throw them away just break them up and put them in this quiche. I call it my cheeseburger quiche and no one knows that they are eating up leftovers!

  • suzanne6666

    So great for leftover burgers

    Have you ever grilled extra burgers on the weekend and by Tuesday they look like hockey pucks in your fridge? No one eases those and you end up throwing them away? I HATE wasting meat so I break them up and put them in this quiche. It has now become a cheeseburger quiche and my family loves it! The best part is they are eating leftovers and they don't even know it.

  • From Michigan

    Love love love this

    I made this for my son's gift opening party after their wedding. Everyone loved it. And so will you!