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  • Deb

    Bring Back

    Fingers crossed this one comes back. We loved this seasoning

  • MiMi99

    It's back, but dang only limited time

    OK I love this stuff. Please try it and buy lots because I don't want them to take it away again!!! We always sprinkle it on frozen pizza before we bake it - game changer - tastes so much better! And it's great as a dip - I mix 2T into 1/2 cup sour cream/1/2 cup mayo. Veggie Dip. Best ever.

  • Schlepy

    Best Pizza Seasoning Ever & I'm a snob!

    Tastefully Simple Pizzaria Seasoning provided a blend of flavors commensurate to the best of Pizzaria experiences. A little grinder aligned smartly to the top of the seasoning's jar prior to the even layered sprinklings of awesomeness atop of home prepared cuisine and "Delicious" is an understatement. Having discovered a valued problem solving culinary asset of quality is not available for the moment is saddening. Let us hope the pandemic or present circumstances change. Tastefully simple has produced a gem central to my homemade pizzaria experiences. Bad mouthing Tastefully Simple for the present circumstance will avail little as Tastefully Simple delivers quality products to solve my culinary needs. Sincerely I love to thing or feel the present circumstances will change when possible. I have lost a valuable non-sourceble deliciously flavorful resource central to my home prepared pizza cooking arsenal. Thanks for making a valuable problem cuisine problem solving product of quality. I am among the few who possess meager amounts of this delicious product. Please solve our consumer problem and mix more Tastefully Simple Pizzaria Seasoning.

  • fostersgirl

    Missing the pizza seasoning - what gives?

    I have officially run out of my supply! Is there any way it is coming back? I certainly hope so...

  • Missingmypizza

    Please bring back Pizzaria Seasoning

    Pizza has not been the same without it... please bring it back

  • eknapp7608


    The pizzeria seasoning is the BEST!! It is my secret ingredient on all of my pizzas and italian food. Please bring it back!

  • ImissmyPizzeriaSeasoning

    What happened?

    My family and I absolutely love the pizzeria seasoning, where did it go? We use it on everything...soups, quesadilla, sandwiches, even pizza! please bring this delicious creation back as soon as possible!