Roasted Garlic Infused Oil Serving Suggestions

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174 Reviews
  • GarlicLover12


    I love using it for our veggies and pierogies. I would definitely recommend.

  • Debsfavoritespread

    Love me some Garlic

    Love adding a bit of Garlic in whatever I’m cooking. Just a little bit. Even rub some on the chicken.

  • SAGroscup

    Best flavored oil for veggies!

    We grilled potatoes and asparagus yesterday on our charcoal BBQ. We put a splash of the Roasted Garlic Infused Oil along with some sea salt on both. Needless to say, they were AMAZING! The oil by itself tastes amazing too! Great flavor!

  • Marvelous


    I have IBS and can't eat garlic. This is perfect! Wonderful amount of garlic flavor without the garlic!!

  • Dolorez Reyes

    Garlic infused oil is NOT KETO

    I would NOT suggest this kit if you are keto adapted. CANOLA OIL IS NOT KETO. May I suggest using the AVACADO OIL with other spices. If you’re keto always research each product.TASTEFULLY SIMPLE SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE & CORRECT THIS IMMEDIATELY. You could ruin someone’s eating plan and set them back so much. It is not correct to sell something as being keto when it it not. I would use other tastefully simple products, just NOT THE KETO KIT!

  • Moxie

    Made cheesy pepperoni beer bread with it amazing!

    I made the cheesy pepperoni beer bread recipe and instead of putting butter on top of the bread before baking I used 2 tbsp of the oil... also greased up the pan with it too

  • Garlic oil

    Multi use-is amazing

    Awesome product! Love using it for pretty much all my cooking!

  • TS fan and customer

    Nope not a good oil choice

    I agree with the other reviews that Canola oil is one of the worst oils you can consume. TS needs to do more research on some of the products that they consider eat well. I gave it one star because it made me rate it. I like the idea of the garlic and basil just not with canola oil. Avocado oil or safflower oil would be better choices.

  • Barbara Holt

    I absolutely love my garlic oil.

    I love this product and don’t want to run out again.

  • Mferri


    This is one of my DAILY “go-to’s” Delicious as a finish, in a salad, on veggies, for dipping .... I can not live without this product..... accompanied by Rustic Herb.... OMG!! Heaven