Sausage Pizza Tacos

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  • Sausage Pizza Tacos




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  • DebWright

    HUGE hit for Taco Tuesday

    We've made this several times. 2 things kid's love PIZZA & TACOS made into one.

  • Busyjholly

    Easy recipe even a husband can prepare

    I left the recipe card on the counter to remind myself what was going to be for dinner and the next thing I know my husband made the meal.

  • HeatherDforTS

    Absolutely and Unexpectedly Yummy!!!

    When I first saw this recipe, I must admit that I was very skeptical... However, after making this dish it is one of my favorites! I will make this one again for sure!

  • tastefullylauren1

    Favorite meal in the collection!

    I feel a little silly because I just ate pizza tacos and LOVED them! I have to admit, I thought this was weird, and held off pulling these out of my freezer. Now I want to make them for all my friends!! So I can eat them again!!!

  • VictoriaH2021

    This was good!

    I totally thought this was weird, but I decided to try it anyway because it was party of my 30 meal collection of recipes...and it was good! A very yummy mash up of 2 favorite foods!

  • sarahgrn88

    Yum! Kid approved!!

    These were a huge hit with my kids (2 and 4 yrs). Meal prep was quick and easy.

  • JLoSloMo7

    Kids will love this one!

    Pizza in a taco! What a great idea! Kids will love the unique pizza taco combo. Parents will love that they could substitute ground turkey and the kids will love it just the same. Very easy to prepare.