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  • Seasoned Salt Serving Suggestions
  • Seasoned Salt Serving Suggestions




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411 Reviews
  • Ann Handle

    Seasoned Salt

    This amazing seasoning can be used on just about anything! We loved to sprinkle it on fresh cut cucumbers, among a million others uses!

  • Carlo24

    Great spice

    I have been purchasing this product for many years now. Love that I can use it on almost anything. My husband loves it too and uses it on chicken when he is grilling. I recently purchased a bottle for friends because they tasted his chicken and wanted to know what seasoning we used.

  • Amy B

    Fantastic flavor blend but WAY too salty

    Fantastic flavor blend but WAY too salty. I have struggled to find a seasoned salt product on the market that is NOT overloaded with salt. Absolutely HORRIBLE for my high blood pressure.

  • spicegal

    Hooked on seasonings

    I have been purchasing the season salt ever since I ran out of my first bottle. I just purchased 2 bottles and sent to my Son-in-Law, as they loved it also. You don't need to use much as it is very flavorful. I also love the pepper seasoning and the garlic. I think it could be a little cheaper, or have free shipping.

  • TS with Ruth W

    My go to seasoning

    This is the best season salt with no fillers. It's great on any savory meal!!

  • Deanna

    best seasoning ever

    Best seasoning for all my dishes. Really adds to the flavor of everything. I wont use anything else from now on

  • Famished

    Great Addition to So Many Dishes

    This is one of my very favorite seasonings from Tastefully Simple. I use it on a daily basis. This is the third time I’ve ordered seasoned salt. This time I ordered two jars!

  • LaciLou

    Not a fan

    I got this for my husband because he loves the “pepper” taste. It is extremely SALTY in our opinion so much so that we are giving our bottle away. I definitely won’t purchase this again. I did get 2 other spices that I love though!

  • Just dragon

    Use on our eggs.

    We love the taste BUT it's pretty spendie when you order on line with shipping, etc.

  • Kelly J

    More spicy than I’ve had in the past

    Had been given a bottle of the Seasoned Salt from a family member and loved it! Ordered more when it ran out. I noticed the bottle looked different, and when I received it the Product color was different too and sadly it was peppery (more than we like). I’m sure the recipe probably changed a while ago, but I was disappointed with the level of heat spice. Probably will not order again.