Sí Sí Cilantro Seasoning Preparation & Suggestions

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  • Nan Cee

    Si Si Cilantro Seasoning

    I just purchased this for the first time. I absolutely love this seasoning, especially on rice. Can somone give me the directions for the Si Si Coleslaw please? There is no active link on the Shrimp Taco recipe.

  • Taco Fanatic

    Love this seasoning!!! Please bring it back!!!

    We absolutely love this seasoning! It has become a staple whenever we make Tacos/Mexican meals and appetizers! Please bring it back permanently, it’s amazing!

  • Shay5735

    Oh no! This is seasonal?! I love it so much!

    Just came to order more and it looks like this may be seasonal? What a disappointment. I would have rationed my supply if I had known. haha I love this seasoning! I totally agree with another reviewer -- it is fabulous on corn! I accidentally grabbed it one day (thought it was the pepper) and put it on corn on the cob. What a delicious, happy accident! I use it in rice, veggies, soup, everything. I'm so sad now. =(

  • si si cilantro

    would not recommend

    Not a fan at all . I have purchased your seasonings for years and recommended them to so many and also given many for gifts . Absolutely would NOT recommend this one .

  • Lorraine

    Favorite,Versatile Spice

    I love this new spice I added. I bought two because I love cilantro. So far I have made a marinade for chicken, shrimp and I have used it on grilled lamb chops and in my omelets.I can see that I will need to buy more.

  • SandyH

    Love Love Love

    Try it on corn on the cob. Out of this world! Also great for street corn salad.

  • CookingKoehler

    Perfect kick for muffin mix!

    Suggestion: Add 1 Tbsp (or more if you like it spicy) to a batch of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix and then just follow the baking instructions on the package as directed. Makes a wonderful side for taco night or with Si Si Cilantro salmon!

  • tarsmom

    Avocado Toast

    I sprinkled it on avocado toast. (mashed avocado, 4 cherry tomatoes cut in half and Si Si Cilantro/salt to top). It was great!

  • To Girl

    Si So Delicious

    I love this product. More flavor and kick than reported. Perfect complement to any dip, meal or drink. Would recommend you try it.

  • Yum yum

    Used to replace cilantro

    I use this to replace cilantro in a recipe I found for jalapeno pasta salad and it was delicious