Sour Cream Coffee Cake

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  • Michele Ash

    Sure it's gonna be great!

    The coffee cake is in the oven as I write - since I love Tastefully Simple products,, I'm sure it will be a hit. I am baking it in an 8 x8" pan - as other reviewers did, I used softened butter and added maybe a tablespoon or a little more (didn't measure) to the butter/topping mix to make it even more crumbly. Next time I may use orange juice as my liquid instead of water since I also added Craisins and some white chocolate chips! Also considering doing a drizzle of glaze over the top.

  • SherriWark

    My favorite coffee cake!

    So easy and delicious! I make mine in an 8x8 pan. I have also made them in mini 3x5 pans and gifted them. I've been making it for a few years and it's always great!

  • MissyT

    Simply amazing

    I used an 8x8 baking dish and it was amazing!!!! Love the versatility of these products!!

  • TSJenLU

    Best and Easy Cinnamon Coffee Cake

    If you and your family like cinnamon, you are going to love this! So easy and tasty! A big hit at any breakfast or brunch!

  • MelissaKirkTS

    Gone in Minutes!

    This is my kid's favorite sweet treat! They ask for it all the time. As soon as it comes out of the over, it disappears! You need to try this recipe.

  • Mominthekitchen

    Easy to make and delicious!

    So easy to make and we all enjoyed this on Easter morning this year! This made enough for a family of four to have it for breakfast for two days. We love the Cinnamon Muffin Melts as is but it was nice to try this new recipe!

  • Loveourfood

    Best Sour Cream Coffee Cake

    Find the recipe to make the best and easiest sour cream coffee cake ever! Look for the recipe on my website using the cinnamon muffin melt mix.

  • Tsfaninwa


    Use softened butter rather than melted butter for the topping mix if you want it to be crumbly instead of liquid.

  • anotherTSfan

    Coffee cake

    Very simple, moist and tasty coffee cake. You can not get better than this.

  • TS MK

    Easy and so good!

    This is super easy to make and so good! All of my kids and my husband loved it. I have also added blueberries and on a separate occasion peaches as well.