Spinach Alfredo Chicken Pizza

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  • Spinach Alfredo Chicken Pizza




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  • Momma Llama in NJ

    We love this!

    I’m not quite sure how we stumbled across this recipe. Maybe I was filtering by grill-able items? Anywho, this is a delish dish! A nice variation on the traditional red sauced pie. I like to add red peppers and/or red onions for color. And sometimes, we up the Garlic Garlic to 1 tablespoon (half a cap) bc we are into garlicky pies!!

  • Laurel

    It really IS a Family Fave

    This recipe was included in the Family Faves 10 Meal Kit. I just couldn’t do the store-bought pizza crust. I made my own using whole wheat and semolina flour. I also added carmelized onions and sautéed red bell pepper strips. My husband devoured it! I will definitely make this again, but will cut both the Garlic-Garlic and the Spinach Herb seasoning by 1/3. It was a bit too much garlic for us.

  • TSbyRoberta

    Quicker than delivery .. and better!

    This pizza came together quickly. I had prepared as a freezer meal and used Magic chicken .. which only means more flavor. I also added thin sliced tomatoes in the last 3 minutes of cooking. I put the whole thing under the broiler for 1-2 minutes too. I wanted that extra char on top. My hubby rated this a 5 star meal and has already requested we have it again.

  • mamachef


    This was quick, easy, and delicious and my family loved it!

  • gourmetrae

    Easy and Yummy

    We have Friday night pizza night at our house. It is nice to try different recipes so we don't get bored. The kids really enjoyed this. I added fresh basil to it as well.