Spinach & Herb Seasoning Preparation & Suggestions

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  • CMTakacs

    Add to marinade

    I combined Spinach & Herb, garlic, olive oil and fresh lime juice and brush over skewered shrimp for the grill. If one is on a low salt diet, this combo is great and would work on any meat.

  • TLC_936

    Best on chicken and mashed potatoes!

    I cannot live without this seasoning! I put it on chicken with a little evoo, then take the chicken and top a salad or pizza with it, or just eat it with some veggies on the side. My favorite is to put it in mashed potatoes though. I love letting people sniff the pan when it’s done and watching their eyes roll in the back on their head. It’s just so versatile.

  • SweetD

    Delectable dip!

    I made the dip mix, myself and everyone I shared it with loved it!! I'm glad I bought two of these!

  • Sue KD

    Versatile seasoning

    So many ways to use this product. Not only is it a great vegetable dip, but great in chicken salad, egg salad & tuna salad. We also sprinkle on fish & mixed in meatloaf.

  • Ttalatzko

    Multiple use!

    This dried spinach and herb seasoning not only is delicious as a dip, but also by itself as a seasoning on chicken and noodles!!

  • Staice

    Love It!!

    I use this product as a dip and I also use it in my homemade chicken salad! Try it....It is soooo good!

  • NurseBabe

    You must order two at a time

    Buttered couscous or noodles with spinach herb seasoning. Make the dip. You will never eat any other. I have been using this for over 10 years... I hope they never stop selling it

  • LoriMSnook

    Excellent seasoning

    I have used this product for years. Never for its original purpose. I use it on all types of vegetables. It adds a wonderful flavor to any vegetable.

  • Jamey

    So Versatile!

    I have put this on eggs, fish, chicken and even in a steak marinade! I have also made the dip with it, and I used the bountiful beer bread (torn into pieces) to dip into it. It's fantastic!

  • G ma

    Spinach & Herb Seasoning

    The Spinach & Herb Seasoning is Awesome on Salads & Omelets for us!