Ultimate Flank Steak

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  • MelissaKirkTS

    Top 10 Recipe!

    This is my go-to marinade for any type of steak! The flavor is so perfect! Use for a main dish, salad topper or for a fajita - you can't go wrong with this recipe. Perfect 10!

  • Kdee

    Must have in your weekly Meal rotation

    Ultimate steak is one of my families favorites and super easy to prepare. The ultimate seasoning is the key to making any type of steak juicy and tender but yet not to salty. Give it a try you'll love it!!!

  • lovestoeat

    Family go-to!

    This is one of my family's favorite steak recipes . . . .in fact, I just tossed it into the fridge to marinade this morning. Took me two minutes to do and it is DELICIOUS!!!!

  • KMOhio

    Very Good-freezer meal

    Although my littles would not each the meat, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the seasoning and it was in the freezer for over 6 months! And was still very good!

  • UltSteakSeasonfan4life

    Amazing steak all 4 of my kids LOVE!

    I have made this recipe over and over again for my family and for a dinner party. I have a friend who is can barely eat anything with her health restrictions and this recipe worked for her and she loved it!