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96 Reviews
  • LOVEofBeerbread

    LOVE Ultimate Steak Seasoning!!!

    I love the flavors of the Ultimate Steak Seasoning. I use it on all meat dishes. It really makes a meal POP!

  • vminnie60

    Love This

    I love this seasoning, so far I have used it on steak & vegetables. It may be a little salty for some so just use less.

  • Mama T


    When I first tasted this straight from the jar, I thought "That's a little salty!". Then I said, "That's a little spicy!". It's perfect. I just use a little less than I thought i would.

  • Laney

    Great on pork chops!

    I haven't used it on steak yet, but I used it on pork chops that I cooked in a grill pan on the stove and they were delicious! I brined the chops first for a couple of hours to tenderize them.I do recommend not using too much of the seasoning as it can be salty. Can't wait to try it on steak on the BBQ!

  • Steak Season Fan 4 life

    Yummmmy Steak Seasoning!

    Great on red meats but also love it on pork chops and chicken!!!

  • Best spice in my kitchen

    Tastes great on everything!!!

    Best steak seasoning ever!! I have used it on cooked vegetables, chicken, steak, porkchops, and chicken. My picky eater liked it too!!

  • Moxie

    Awesome on burgers!!

    Made burgers and seasoned with this... awesome!! Can't wait to season some steak with this!!

  • Linda s beer bread

    Best Brownies

    This is a staple inmy house. Use this item the most. I love that it makes just the right amount so it does not take long to use up. Big hit with my party group

  • Autumn girl

    Love this steak seasoning

    I used this steak seasoning on a regular basis years ago . Having someone close to home selling makes me happy. Hopefully they haven't changed it. I'll let you know.

  • MamaDodd

    A little too salty for me

    We loved the flavor, but it seemed very salty in the roasted broccoli recipe, and the skillet chicken and mushrooms. will have to remember in the future and not use as much as the recipe calls for