Dill Pickle Dip Mix

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A cool and creamy dip with the crisp, dillicious flavor of a homemade pickle. Just add mayo and sour cream. Serve with veggies or kettle chips, or dollop on burgers

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  • Inspired by fresh and tangy dill pickles, this client favorite (now in a handy shaker) makes six batches of dill-icious dip or salad dressing! Just add mayo and sour cream. Or sprinkle on veggies, popcorn and more. Move over ranch dressing, there’s a bigger dill in town.
  • Top cocktail rye squares with a slice of cucumber, a dollop of prepared Dill Pickle Dip and 3 or 4 small, cooked, cocktail shrimp.
  • On a baked crescent roll crust, spread prepared Dill Pickle Dip and top with your favorite vegetables for a great-tasting appetizer.
  • Stir prepared dip into pasta salads or deviled eggs.
  • Sprinkle on top of popcorn.
  • Dollop onto burgers.
  • Use prepared dip as a spread for sandwiches or wraps.
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dill pickle dip mix

2 tablespoons Dill Pickle Dip Mix
½ cup mayonnaise
½ cup sour cream

Combine ingredients. Chill 2 hours.

Makes about 1 cup dip.

INGREDIENTS:   Maltodextrin, salt, parsley, dill seed, garlic, vinegar powder, citric acid, dill weed seed.

ts eatwell

Manufactured in a facility that processes egg, fish, milk, sesame, soy, tree nuts and wheat.

No gluten ingredients.

no gluten ingredients

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35 Reviews
  • Jamie


    My favorite dip is dill dip. This is by far the tastiest dill dip I have ever made. I only bought one jar to try it out. I am going g to buy more.

  • Christina Miller

    So Delicious

    One of my favorites that I particularly make in the summer. Very creamy and delicious. I always have it stocked in my home.

  • Jean


    It is good but not quite what I was expecting.

  • Linda Dorn

    Dill Pickle Dip

    This is the most delicious and different dip. So versatile! Potatoe, salads, veggies.. excellent!! Highly recommend

  • Sari



  • Theresa A. Craley

    Dill Pickle Dip Mix

    While I am to a fan, my clan loves it. I put it on all of their food!

  • Insanely Addictive!

    Dill Pickle Dip Mix

    I literally sprinkle this on or in just about everything! Great on popcorn, nuts, chips, egg salad, tuna salad, and as a dip. I am addicted!!

  • Mona Karsseboom

    Dill Pickle Dip

    Wish it would become a standard item so many of my friends and myself love it the same as Pizzeria

  • Shelby L Widick

    One of my faves!

    I love dill pretty much everything lol I love this with veggies!!! Use it all the time on veggie trays!


    Dill pickle seasoning

    Great on Popcorn