Garlic Garlic™ Seasoning Value Pack

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Be sure you never run out of this essential seasoning! Keep a shaker handy on your stovetop for everyday cooking and tuck one away in the cupboard until needed.

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  • Did you know 1 teaspoonful = 1 clove of garlic? No more peeling or chopping! Keep it handy on your stovetop for everyday cooking, or mix it with mayo and sour cream for a savory dip. Serves 128. (4.5 oz.).
  • Mediterranean Meatball Soup: Turkey meatballs made with Garlic Garlic Seasoning and simmered with veggies and beans. Also features Spinach & Herb Seasoning.
  • Sprinkle into your favorite soups and stews.
  • Stir 2 tablespoons into 1½ pounds ground beef for meatloaf and burgers.
  • Add a burst of flavor to pasta salads and deviled eggs.
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garlic garlic seasoning

Garlic Garlic Dip
2 tablespoons Garlic Garlic Seasoning
½ cup mayonnaise*
½ cup sour cream*

1. Combine ingredients; blend well.

2. Chill 2 hours.

Makes about 1 cup dip.

* Lighten it up: use light mayonnaise and sour cream instead.

ts eatwell

INGREDIENTS: Minced garlic, minced onion, salt, garlic powder, chives, spices, citric acid.

Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, milk, egg, soy, tree nuts and fish.

Certified Kosher-parve by Kof-K

No gluten ingredients

no gluten ingredients

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29 Reviews
  • Sally

    Garlic garlic seasoning

    If you like garlic then this is the seasoning for you. Wow! Tons of garlic in this. We liked it. It was delish

  • Sandra Castellano

    Great seasoning

    I use it on everything ,it’s so good

  • Kathy

    Garlic garlic

    I’ve been using this product for years. I do use it in the majority of food I prepare. This is the best garlic product on the market. Great job

  • Eleanor Hanway

    Garlic Garlic

    I use this a lot and don't want to ever run out!

  • Anne Cleveland

    Garlic Garlic Seasoning

    The Garlic Garlic is one of the best seasonings out there. Rather than messing with mincing a real Garlic clove I just grab my bottle of Garlic Garlic. A little goes a long way. I use this spice every single day in cooking meats and sauces!

  • Mark

    Garlic Garlic

    We have used this for years to season all kinds of dishes and really like the flavor and ease of use..

  • Kim

    Garlic Garlic

    My husband and I cook together and this is his favorite spice to cook with. When he gets low he is sediment that I order 2 right away!

  • Sandra King

    Delicious dip

    Will be ordering more!

  • Jennifer C.

    Garlic Garlic

    The most amazing delicious garlic seasoning ever. It's 100% my go-to for all my garlic seasoning needs.

  • Heather

    A must have

    This is fantastic on any thing i make for dinner even appetizers… It adds just the right amount of garlic and so yummy. We are Garlic lovers and this is perfect!