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with crazy delicious, incredibly easy food that helps you feel confident about entertaining and cooking meals

for the things you want or need, like bills, children's activities and fun money.

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through incentive trips, friendships, personal growth and recognition

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we're on trend
we're on trend

we offer consumable products with broad-based appeal

we're locally minded
we're locally-minded

more than 95% of our foods are proudly made in USA

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we're flourishing

you'll earn volume-based commission up to 40%


Hear from Founder & CEO Jill Blashack Strahan on why Tastefully Simple is an opportunity worth taking! She shares the Tastefully Simple story - from its start on a shoestring and a dream to the multi-million-dollar company of today.


It's a question we all ask ourselves: "What should we eat?" Learn how you can experience the piece of mind knowing dinner is decided - and how you can earn a little (or a lot!) by sharing these delicious ideas with others!

be in business for yourself, but never by yourself


You can expect support and guidance from the person who introduced you to this opportunity.


Get a strong start through great training resources and personal coaching designed to help you succeed.


Easy superior, personal customer service to support you by phone, email or chat.


Get your own Tastefully Simple website, so your clients can order 24/7. It's free for the first two months!

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Buiness Blast Off Kit® for 99*
The Business Blast Off Kit® is perfect for someone looking to offer a variety of party options including in-person tastings, online parties, catalog parties, expo events and more.
(Retail value over $180.)

Buiness Blast Off Kit® for 49*

The Starter Business Blast Off Kit® is a great option for someone looking to run primarily an online virtual business. The tools can be used to party online and start with one tasting party.
(Retail value over $100.)

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more sales equals more cash for you

Like any business, income is dependent on your efforts, expenses and productivity. For more information, ask your consultant or contact our Customer Service Team. Tastefully Simple honors the Direct Selling Associations’ 90% buy-back policy.

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Abbi Pollich

I love and use our products every day. The seasonings are a staple in my household and the mixes are so simple and delicious! My advice to anyone considering starting your own Tastefully Simple business is to go for it. The compensation plan compares favorably to other direct sales companies. My Tastefully Simple business has made it to buy things for my young son, introduced me to great people and given me amazing support and motivation through my team.

I love that I can work my business anytime, anywhere - and it's a consumable product, so my clients come back for more! Since becoming a consultant, my family eats better and my own cooking is easier and more delicious. It also puts money in my pocket! If you start your own business, what could happen? What if you make new friends, eat better and bring home some cash to help pay bills or afford things you've been wishing for? What do you have to lose?

Willa Brinke

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Q: What does a Tastefully Simple business involve?
A: Tastefully Simple is a direct sales company, meaning we distribute products through a network of independent sellers we call consultants. While a Tastefully Simple consultant’s income is based on selling delicious, easy-to-prepare food products, the power of the income opportunity comes from building relationships. A Tastefully Simple consultant builds relationships by offering everyone they meet three services:

  1. The opportunity to purchase relevant, versatile products with broad-based appeal.
  2. The opportunity to host in-person tasting or online events, where the host earns free and discounted products.
  3. The opportunity to start their own Tastefully Simple business.

Q: How will I do this? How do I market my business and generate sales?
A: You make money by sharing our delicious, easy-to-prepare foods with your friends, family and social networks. You can do this in person, at tasting parties, online through Facebook or Zoom parties or by selling through your personal Tastefully Simple website. You have the flexibility to design your own schedule and work when it’s most convenient for you, whether it’s full-time, part-time or for fun!

Q: How much can I earn as a Tastefully Simple consultant?
A: You can earn up to 40% on your personal sales as well as up to 7% leadership commission when you help others start their own Tastefully Simple businesses. New consultants can earn additional cash bonuses in their first 10 weeks! To learn all the ways you can earn money as a Tastefully Simple consultant, please visit Two Ways to Earn Cash »

For more information on typical consultant income, please see the Income Disclosure Statement »

Q: How much is the starter kit?
A: There are two options: $99 plus tax or $49 plus tax

Q: What’s included in the kits?
A: $99 Business Blast Off Kit:

  • Welcome booklet
  • Protein Power 10-Meal Kit
  • Host, join and meal kit display pieces
  • Products for display;
      Bayou Bourbon™ Glaze
      Bountiful Beer Bread Mix®
      Absolutely Almond Pound Cake Mix™
  • 2 Party Food Kits™ 1
  • 20 catalogs
  • 25 order forms
  • 30 preview invitations
  • 10 Something More Brochures
  • Party System Cards
  • 2 supplies kits, each containing:
    Sampling cups: 2 oz. and 5.5 oz.
    Sampling cup lids: 5.5 oz.
    Taster spoons
  • Simply Shine: Stories That Stirred the Fire book authored by Jill Blashack Strahan
  • TS Connected & ProPay® two month-free trial

$49 Starter Business Blast Off Kit:

  • Welcome booklet
  • Founders Faves 5-Meal Kit
  • Party Food Kit™ 1
  • 10 catalogs
  • 2 Something More Brochures
  • Party System Cards
  • Simply Shine: Stories That Stirred the Fire book authored by Jill Blashack Strahan
  • TS Connected & ProPay® two month-free trial

Q: How do I sign up to become a consultant?
A: Go here to start the join process, learn more about the opportunity or chat with someone wo can answer your questions. If you are not a current client, you’ll need to create an account. From there you will fill out the necessary information and select your sponsor, either by searching for your consultant by name and state or by searching for a consultant sponsor by zip code.

Q: How will I learn to do this? Who will train me?
A: When you decide to join, you will choose a sponsor. Your sponsor will be there to answer your questions, help you get started with Tastefully Simple and coach you toward achieving your goals.

Q: Do I get a business website?
A: Yes. When you join, you receive a two-month, complimentary subscription to TS Connected, your personal website and marketing hub. After that, the monthly subscription is $13.94 per month.

Q. Is there a monthly sales quota?
A. No, there is not a monthly sales quota. You are paid commission twice per month based on your sales volume each month.

Q. How do I remain an active consultant?
A. In order to remain at active consultant level, you need to sell $200 in Part One Retail sales each calendar quarter. Once you have activated as a consultant, in the event you need to take a break from your business and thereby do not meet the $200 in Part One Retail sales during a calendar quarter, your status will change to TS Perks. When you start selling again, you will automatically revert to active consultant once you reach $200 in Part One Retail sales during a calendar quarter. You can place orders and conduct business while at TS Perks. Please note: if you have $0 Part One Retail sales for 12 consecutive months you will be given 30 days’ notice that you will be deactivated if you do not re-engage your business.

Q: With the current restrictions on gatherings, how will I find new clients?
A: Glad you asked! Tastefully Simple consultants’ sales are doing well during this time. While many people are not leaving their homes for traditional tasting parties, our consultants are having great success with online parties. As we say, everyone eats. We offer relevant, versatile products with broad-based appeal. Consultant Agreement (PDF)