Avocado Bites

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  • TSbyAlly


    The only thing that I changed was it calls for dry cilantro. I went to the veggie to buy fresh....found freeze dried cilantro. Best of both worlds. Totally amazing. I also used the Smart Balance mayo instead of regular because that's what I had. So, maybe a bit healthier, but tasted amazing. Next time I will also garnish each with one cilantro leaf, if I have time for that. I chose this app Because I knew I'd be in a hurry, and it really took less than 5 minutes. It calls to chill 1 - 2 hours, but I didn't have time. The flavor would probably have been more intense, but seriously....these were still fabulous served immediately. OH, and tip....I put the mixture in a ziplock bag, clipped a corner, and piped it into shells. Another last thing...this calls for crab meat (canned) which we all love. If allergies or seafood aversions are an issue, this would still be excellent with shredded or canned chicken, or with just extra tomatoes in the mix for added texture.