Bacon & Spinach Quiche

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  • Bacon Spinach Quiche




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  • slindley37

    my family loves this quiche!

    I was searching for something out of our usual and this has become a hit. I've made it several times & made variations from it.

  • 1wildchild

    This is my favorite quiche recipe

    I have tried a bunch of different ones and this one turns out the best every time! So delicious, flavors are great and just the right amount of everything.

  • MomAtHome

    A family favorite

    I have made this recipe many times, often varying up the meats, cheeses and seasonings. It's really good with TS Citrus Herb seasoning too. I usually make it with no crust (save the calories :-) I sprinkle a little extra cheese in the bottom of the pan instead.

  • Goforit

    SUPER Quiche!!

    Love this recipe! I also substitute sausage for the bacon and add less spinach. This is my go-to recipe when we have company and for special mornings! Really tastes best with the whipping cream!

  • TS Products Fan

    You will Be A Hit If You Serve This

    I've made this for different events and it's always a huge hit even with the guys. I have used fried sausage in place of the bacon. I am adding the Onion Onion after I pour the egg & cream mixture into the dish. It's easier to evenly distribute the Onion Onion. Make sure your pie crust is deep dish.

  • TSfan4lifetoo

    Simple and delicious quiche

    This quiche was easy to make and it taste delicious. A must for the recipe box.

  • Kburras


    made this for Thanksgiving brunch and everyone loved it. New tradition!!

  • tsdaughter

    great quiche

    Loved it and so did the whole office. Made without bacon. Made with water, not milk or cream. Pillsbury fridge cruste was use.