Bayou Bourbon Salmon

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  • Carol Hamilton

    Bayou Bourbon Salmon

    We love salmon and I have been grilling it on the stovetop season with oil, garlic powder, bay seasoning ,pepper. Sometimes it came out pretty good and once in a while I cooked it too long and got dry. I tried the Bayou Bourbon Glaze and baked per instructions and my husband said this is the only way to cook and eat salmon from now on. I agree as I really didn't have to worry about drying it out or not getting the right seasoning on the salmon. Keeper for sure. Making it for the 2nd time tonight.

  • JLjabammom

    Best Salmon!

    My husband and I are not big fans of seafood, but we know we need to add more Omega # foods to our diet for our health. Bayou Bourbon sauce make the salmon taste FABULOUS! We eat this dish often!

  • Reilly31

    Bayou bourbon glaze

    This is a must have in my household. We use it on everything from meats, fish, and vegetables!

  • SimplyJen99

    I now like salmon

    I never liked salmon until I had this recipe! Even my son eats it.

  • Bella


    We use the Bayou Bourbon on baked salmon and it is delicious! Baste your salmon or marinate and bake. So easy!

  • KKiel

    The BEST way to eat salmon!

    I'm always coming up with new ideas on how to season salmon. This recipe tops everything I've ever tried! You'll want to keep the Bayou Bourbon bottle on the table during dinner... I add a few extra drops even after the salmon is finished :)

  • Nicksmom

    The secret's in the sauce!

    Love salmon and I usually grill it plain with a little lemon squeezed on top. But this glaze- OMG- yum yum yum! Goes on everything! the rice, the veges, etc. The recipe is super easy, and I add a little more glaze right before its done. My family really enjoyed this meal.Definitely a staple in our kitchen!!

  • simplytrowell

    Best Salmon EVER!!!!!!

    Bayou Bourbon Glaze is a HUGE HIT and FAVORITE in my house.

  • abjmom

    Fine Restaurant Quality!

    I was in love with my first bite! It took me back to a special meal in a very high end restaurant years ago. And I am just an average cook.

  • PamG

    Our favorite way to eat salmon!

    Usually I bake, pan sear or grill the salmon and then drizzle the Bayou Bourbon on it prior to serving. It is delicious!! Serve with steamed veggies and a side salad.