Classic Beef Enchiladas

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  • Classic Beef Enchiladas




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7 Reviews
  • Lori’s TS Kitchen

    Works with Chicken too

    We love this recipe and can easily be switched to Chicken Enchiladas! Always a hit at our house!

  • TSwithJess

    Enchiladas for the win!

    My family and I loved this recipe and we will absolutely be making it again in the future!

  • smickeyrn

    Quick, easy, crazy delicious

    First time attempting to make enchiladas and this recipe was a HUGE hit in my house! Quick, simple and full of flavor!!

  • YourScentsyGirl

    Easy and delicious recipe

    Everyone here loved this meal. Very easy to make and tastes great. Looked like it was restaurant made. I can't wait to have the leftover remix meal (enchilada bowls). I will definitely be having this meal again. No pictures, sorry, we ate them all before thinking about the review lol

  • SimplyaFanatic

    Easy and Delicious

    Loved this recipe! It was so easy to throw a few things in a pan and bowl, then put them together and bake. The enchiladas tasted amazing.

  • cakesinlove

    Simple & Wonderful

    As soon as middle teen sat at the table she noted how it was like sitting in a fancy restaurant! The family loved this recipe and asked to add to rotation. It will be on the table once a month or more :)

  • Talia

    Soooo good!!

    So easy and so good!! Yum! And made plenty for left over lunch tomorrow!!