Creamy Balsamic Meatballs

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  • Creamy Balsamic Meatballs




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3 Reviews
  • DEgirl19960

    Great flavor! Nice change up for meatballs.

    We were looking for something quick and somewhat healthier than some of our usual recipes. This one came up so we tried it. We were not disappointed and the flavor was amazingly good!

  • Linny Lee

    Good change of pace for meatballs

    The recipe is simple to do, but the family felt the flavor wasnt vibrant enough. Next time i'll add more balsamic vinegar to the sauce

  • efeitel

    Easy & Delicious keto friendly

    We have now had this meal twice in the past two weeks. It is just oh so good. I was really looking for a good keto style gravy and this is it! It reminds me of swedish meatballs in a way. Got it from the 14 day reset, and it sounded so great when I first got my kit I had to try it immediately! I will make again as well as use the gravy part of the recipe for other meals too. My hubby does not like coconut, but he loves this meal. He said he couldn't even tell.