Creamy Wild Rice Stuffing

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  • Tracy


    This stuffing recipe has been my go to for years now . Ever since I discovered it I have been making it. I do use sausage instead of bacon but everyone loves it.

  • Vicki L

    Great Side Dish

    We loved this stuffing! I had to make a couple of changes - I used real onions instead of Onion Onion because my order is due to arrive this week and I was completely out. Also, I did not saute the celery with the bacon. And, I used a casserole dish instead of a 9x13 because both of my 9x13's were in use. Turned out moist and delicious!

  • TS_Junkie

    Ingredients needs a modification

    This receipe got such great reviews I had to try it for my work luncheon because it seemed easy and I had everything on hand! However, the ingredients list one 14 oz package of unseasoned dry bread cubes. Dry bread cubes come in a 12oz bag OR a 6oz box, so of course I added more since the package I purchased was 12 oz. I followed every detail and the dish came out terribly DRY!!! Far from creamy, and quite embarassed, I know next time to try it without adding any more dry bread cubes. One should also note that after simmering the 1st 4 ingredients for 45 minutes, the "stock" is reduced to more than half so it has that much LESS liquid to give flavor to the dry bread cubes. Perhaps we're supposed to cover while it simmers??? And don't forget the very last line of the recipe - DRIZZLE WITH GRAVY BEFORE SERVING. Disappointed but will try again.

  • Consultant TS

    Wild rice soup stuffing

    It was actually pretty good! I saw a comment about it being too salty....I did not find that to be true! The only thing about that is if maybe the cubed bread was already seasoned!? I found a bag of potato bread cubed at walmart in the actual aisle that stuffing was located, that was not seasoned!! This recipe was really good!!! I did not use cranberries! I did add chopped mushrooms and onions and sautéed (in butter) with the time I will add more then 1 cup of celery as well!!!

  • SarahTN

    Rich and flavorful

    This was really good! We made this just for an ordinary dinner night, but could easily see how it could be a holiday hit. The wild rice soup was a little salty for my tastes. But overall, the dish was really good. We did add mushrooms to the dish - that was definitely a nice add in. I would recommend this to others, but would definitely warn them about the saltiness.

  • Melissa A


    I was so afraid no one would eat it bc it wasn't regular boxed stuffing and it had cranberries (none which I had a problem with bc I was excited about it). Well, there was none left! Everyone loved it!! Even the picky eaters!!!!!! WOO HOO! Another TS win!

  • Jackie P

    Flavorful dressing for the holidays!

    This ended up being a great side dish for our Thanksgiving feast! It was packed with flavor and very easy to prepare.

  • finstar


    We made this stuffing for the first time this year at Thanksgiving. It was a crowd favorite. Easy to make and very flavorful.

  • lovetocookwithtsproducts

    Easy Great Tasting Stuffing Recipe

    A hit at Thanksgiving. I needed a larger amount so I added a pound of cooked ground pork, 7 more oz. of bread cubes, 3 eggs, a can of drained wild rice and a can of evaporated milk, topped with 4 Tbsp. of melted butter. I baked it covered, for approx. 2 hours longer until nicely browned, and it turned out perfectly.

  • Mariah

    So Good & So Easy

    Made this for my 'First Thanksgiving', I halved the recipe since we had a smaller gathering and it still made a full 9x13 pan. It was super easy and delicious! Will definitely be making again!