Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

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  • Easy Chicken Noodle Soup




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  • Alexandra

    Chicken soup for the soul and my family!

    This was the easiest and most flavorful chicken soup ever! No complaints from the dinner table. Family loved it so much they asked for it tomorrow night!

  • BlessedMommaOf6

    Busy Momma Greatness!!

    Amazing taste, my kids loved it. Even my picky momma in the Nursing Home loved it.. :) So simple to make and very fast.. Was very shocked at how good it really was.. A+ for sure!!

  • Beth Wetzel


    Just awesome and simple thank you for the recipe we love it

  • GrayB

    Comfort food

    This is one of our favorites! Homestyle soup made simple & delish!

  • Kistar

    This is my Go To

    My Family loves this. I love it because they do and it is the easiest chicken soup you will ever make!

  • CookinNow

    Super simple

    And I thoughts I couldn't make soup. You can with this easy recipe!

  • FreelandMom


    Every person in our family went back for seconds of this simple yet delicious chicken noodle soup. I used the pre-portioned chicken that I had in the freezer from the Tastefully Simple Make & Freeze Chicken recipe and put it in the broth frozen to make it, so other than chopping up the carrots and celery, it took no time at all to throw all the ingredients in a pot. I used spaetzle noodles that I found in the german section of our grocery store and OMG... this soup was ONE POT OF WONDERFULNESS!!! Campbell's Eat Your Heart Out!

  • TSMomBoss

    Homemade Chicken Soup in NO TIME!

    Perfect soup to grab from the freezer when you or someone isn't feeling well and they think you cooked all day! NOT! Simple and easy! I add my broth when I prepare for quick defrost and prepare for my family. Great w grilled cheese or salad.

  • JackieB

    Best chicken noodle soup ever!

    This soup tastes like you spent all day cooking! It's quick, easy and full of flavor! I did swap out the basil for the Rustic Herb Seasoning. I'm glad I did. It's so good. This is now my go to recipe.

  • Kristin D

    Simple. Hearty. Goodness.

    This soup was perfect for dinner last night as everyone is starting to feel a cold coming on and we didn't get home until 5:30 from running around and I was able to make this HEARTY soup in less than 30 minutes (and it tasted like is too hours). 8 thumbs up from my family!!!