Easy Sloppy Joes

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12 Reviews
  • meatylover

    its great your a smart cooker

    i ate it all :) you should be a famous cooker !!!!!!

  • Motherof2

    Best sloppy joes EVER!

    These are a family favorite and a quick easy go to for me, that's what I call a win win!

  • MomofBoys24

    New family favorite!

    My kids wrinkled noses and complained when I told them sloppy joe meat was for supper - until they tried it and I got enthusiastic thumbs up! I used 1 pound ground turkey and 1 pound lean ground beef and also added some chopped green pepper when I browned the meat. Instead of buns - we just ate it with homemade chips/round fries almost like a dip or nachos. Chopped carrot or cabbage would be good in it too.

  • FoodSciGeek

    Won't use the can version ever again!

    This recipe is so simple and convenient, I will never buy the canned manwich sauce again. I use only a half cup ketchup and then a half cup of BBQ sauce so I can omit the brown sugar.

  • simplemamma86

    Ahhhhh mazing!!!!

    You will never have a better sloppy Joe... That I guarantee!

  • JenRay

    Love These Sloppy Joe's!

    Why even think about buying the stuff in a can when you can make these in a snap with just a few ingredients most of us have in our pantries at all times?

  • Sloppy joe

    Sloppy Joes

    Excellent go lower on the brown sugar if too sweet

  • MindyTS4LIFE

    Favorite BBQ

    We call these BBQ where I come from. Normally I'm not a fan but I LOVE THIS. It's better than my Grammas!

  • lhawk

    Love This!

    The best Sloppy Joes I've tasted! So easy and delicious.

  • Feeding5

    So Easy!

    It's a big hit at home and at potluck so. Love it when things are easy!