Egg Roll in a Bowl

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  • Egg Roll in a Bowl




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9 Reviews
  • Sharon

    Family Favorite!!

    This recipe quickly became a regular at dinner time, and my new signature dish for pot-lucks. Easy, quick, delicious! Thank you Kellie (my consultant) to introducing me to this recipe.

  • Bonnie

    Egg roll in a bowl

    Absolutely delicious ?

  • Lisa

    Will make this again!

    This was such a good and easy recipe.

  • Nichole

    So delicious!

    Loved this one pan meal! There was silence and smiles around the dinner table.

  • MelissaKirkTS

    The Whole Family Will Love This

    This is a sure fire family-pleasing meal! Keep it low carb and serve per the recipe or add in some sticky rice and Asian-inspired sauce of your choosing. Can't miss with this dish!

  • Kag101173

    delicious and easy to make

    My husband said I could make it once a week. I would say that was a home run meal!

  • Morgs013

    So simple!

    One of my favorite meal prep recipes because its so easy AND healthy!!

  • Amy Tr

    Unexpected delight!

    I picked this recipe from the five day reset...and it was so good called 4 people totell them they HAD to try it!!

  • CincyFoodie

    Who likes Egg Rolls?

    Who likes one pan skillet meals? ME! One of my favorite recipes! Egg roll ... in a bowl! SUPER easy and chock full of veggies!