Fiesta Party Dip

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4 Reviews
  • Kelly McClary

    Delicious Party Dip

    Add some shredded cheese, chopped green onions, and bacon bits on top and this is the BEST Party Dip hands down!! It will completely disappear at your next party. Very quickly!!

  • Petra Rossman

    Fiesta Party Dip

    This is the best dip i have ever tasted. I love the spicy flavor and the taste is the best. Thank you Petra

  • RPM2018

    Awesome dip mix!

    I haven't had it in years unfortunately but this has wonderful flavor and goes perfect with Tostitos scoops. You have to watch how much of the mix you use though because it can get realspicey real quick!

  • Muttley55

    Darned Good Dip!!!

    This has to be the best dip I've sampled in a long time. Super easy to make, and everybody that's tried it loves it. It goes great with veggies, but also shines with chips. Another thing that makes it handy is: my neighbor sells the stuff!!!