Garlic Parmesan Ranch Dressing

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  • Garlic Parmesan Ranch Dressing




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3 Reviews
  • JenMangoBreeze

    Creamy & Delicious!

    This salad dressing is SO easy to make and it's got great flavor. Not only is it perfect on a salad, but we also like to use it on wraps and sandwiches too!

  • jody

    Best Dressing for your salads!!!

    I tried this salad dressing at our National Conference and it was delicious. I have always been a Ranch dressing person but this will be taking over on my salads at home!!!

  • kimmyg1987

    Best salad dressing ever!

    I won't lie.. I hate salad. No matter how it is dressed up BUT I had this dressing with romaine lettuce and I'm in love. I could eat that everyday!