Ham & Swiss Crustless Quiche

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  • Ham Swiss Crustless Quiche




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8 Reviews
  • TSFan16

    Favorite Quiche recipe!

    This is a repeat in our house on a regular basis. Goes great with some fresh fruit on the side along with toast and TS Rhubarb Strawberry jam!

  • AlicialovesTS

    Easy and Yummy

    I loved this quiche. It was so easy to make and not too long in the oven and SUPER YUMMY!!!!!

  • Julieann1992

    Best breakfast/dinner meal ever!

    My family enjoyed this recipe so much that I didn't even get to enjoy the leftovers!! I wanted to overeat this recipe so bad, it is just melt in your mouth good. The artichoke & spinach dip really adds the flavor that knocks this out of the park compared to other recipes.

  • Tinamarie0922

    A great meal!

    We had this at the TS party I was at tonight! I will be making it at home. This was awesome!

  • treener7

    So easy! So delicious!

    We've made this super easy and delicious quiche 3 times so far.... we added chicken one time and ham the others. You just can't go wrong!

  • tsamy

    Great Meal!

    My family loved this quiche! It was so easy to make and disappeared quickly. There are so many ways you could make this dish to tailor it to your family's liking.

  • LMKM

    Versatile and Flexible

    I made the Quiche this morning but used cheddar cheese instead of swiss. SUPERB! I like that it can be frozen for a make-ahead meal. After baking, I also added TS Seasoned Salt and TS Rustic Herb, just because I use them on everything. This recipe could be adapted to include green pepper, onions, and even salsa if that is what your family likes

  • ShannaH

    Breakfast for dinner? Yes, please!

    I love this recipe! Great for dinner or for a fancy twist on the normal egg bake for breakfast or brunch! SO easy, so flavorful, and such a crowd-pleaser. I made this for my kids' teachers for parent-teacher conference time and everyone loved it.