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  • Casunshine

    Magic Chicken is Fantastic!

    I’m in love with Magic Chicken. It’s delicious and so easy to make! I shred the chicken, bag it, and freeze it for later. I’ve used it for casseroles, chicken and pasta, tacos, and rice bowls. It’s great!

  • Consultant Cookie Cady


    WOW ! You can use this n just about anything! beef, pork, lamb, whatever your family likes. Just as with all of our TS products, Magic Chicken Seasoning can be used with any protein OR veggie.....yes veggies too! Try'll like it!!

  • Easy one two three chicke

    Easy 1,2-3

    Magic Chicken makes dinner time a lot easier. Try it you will be glad you did. From soup to pot pie and everything in between.

  • Awesomesauce

    Awesome to help with Meal Prep

    I make this recipe weekly or at least twice a month in my house. We freeze it in 2 cup measurements to have ready for any meal that requires chicken. It's easy to make, and I usually use water and not a lot of the Seasoned salt so that it's low sodium for my family!

  • tadl

    Even works for pork and beef!

    Fabulous for chicken, but why limit your choices. Go for the beef and pork, you are a winner no matter what protein you choose.

  • TSFan since 1997

    Perfect Answer to What’s for Dinner?

    With Magic Chicken - Original or Taco - on hand, I’m ready for dinner. Made pot pie in 15 minutes the other day. Tacos, nachos, soup, stew, or casseroles can be whipped up in mere minutes! Love it!!

  • Simple in SD

    Best go to Chicken!

    Making this magic chicken recipe and having it available in the freezer makes it the best go to protein ever! I use this is so many of my recipes that call for chicken of most any type. Better flavor and texture than what comes out of any can!

  • Magic Chicken fan

    Best Chicken

    Since the Magic Chicken campaign started I have cooked this at least once a month. Quick and easy recipes.

  • CincyFoodie

    Chicken Made Easy

    Make and freeze ahead shredded, cubed or whole chicken breasts. Easy, nutritious and cost effective. Life changing!

  • EricsMomma

    My family can survive without me

    When you work outside the home, you need super fast dinners. I make up a crock pot of Magic Chicken and put it into the fridge. My family can easily make delicious dinners by using the Magic Chicken for a quick dinner using burrito shells, salad, tostada chops, whatever. The flavor of Magic Chicken is amazing. I always make a yummy pot of soup with the broth left after cooking the chicken. It’s a win win.