Perfectly Tender Pulled Pork

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  • Perfectly Tender Pulled Pork




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  • Lisa Burns


    This recipe is wonderful! I had boneless pork loin chops and Bayou Bourbon Glaze on hand -- got this by using the recipe finder. Had to run to the store for the soup; oops! got cream of celery instead. Not to worry! Made it anyway and we LOVED it. I topped mine with a basic coleslaw and it was yum. Seriously, don't hesitate with this. I'm keeping a back up bottle of the Bayou glaze on hand just so I can have this whenever I desire.

  • busymom911

    made with chicken, so yummy!

    I recently made this but with chicken instead of pork, so great!! and paired it with Hawaiian rolls for mini sliders!

  • JaimeT1978

    Perfectly Pulled Pork Sandwiches

    It was a hit !! I served this @ a Tastefully Simple party & everyone there bought Smoky Bacon BBQ sauce because they loved it so much !!

  • Rprheing

    Easy and delicious

    Easy to prepare and delicious! I love that this can be paired with rice, pasta or just veggies.

  • April Chalkley

    Best Slower Cooker Recipe

    This recipe was so quick and easy to prepare. The entire family loved it

  • SerenaLeeConsultant

    Best pulled pork!

    EVERYONE I've made this for loves it! There are hardly any leftovers- even my little boys usually have seconds!

  • Mshea

    Couldn't get enough!

    My girls absolutely loved this recipe. Served it on fresh buns and they said I needed to make it again!

  • DeAnna P

    Something different when you're tired of BBQ

    This was going to be on the slow cooker for nearly 10 hours, so I added some water. MISTAKE! It was a little too watery. I think the amounts of liquid called for are perfect, even if you cook it longer. We skipped the buns and just ate the shredded meat with forks.

  • Jennih


    It was so nice to come home to dinner made. I love crock pot meals. Simple and delicious. My husband loved it. I'll be making it again for the tailgate this weekend.

  • Bacon Wrapped Pork

    Perfect Pulled Pork Sandwich!

    Great sandwich!! Added a little dill pickle slices to it and got that perfect crunch! Another great recipe from my Delicious on a Dime & More Collection that I purchased when I signed up for TS to You!!