Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread Serving Suggestions

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248 Reviews
  • Aloha Maui

    Good jam

    Good tasting jam. I shall try this on ice cream! Great on English Muffins.

  • Kitty Kat

    Delicious combination!

    Love the taste of the ingredients together. Good as jam or a topping.

  • JackieW

    Tastes different than first jar.

    Good but not as good as first jar. It is thinner too.


    Shame, Shame for smaller portion and added sugar

    Very disappointed in the size of the container and increase in sugar as many diabetics have echoed. We have always enjoyed this spread on a pork sandwhich, but the recipe change both in taste and sugar, along with the lesser quanity is a huge disappointment and makes me consider looking for an alternative. This was my only purchase. I will state the customer service was excellant as is my representative!!

  • Trinamarinavernamina

    Great on cream cheese!

    I bought some and hadn't decided what to do with it until we had guests over last minute. I poured it over cream cheese and served with ritz crackers. It was a hit! I will be ordering more for our fall party!!

  • NJSC

    Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread

    this was a first for me, & I was impressed. I find it sweet but not as sweet as the store brands. I enjoy it as a nice alternative to my Sweet Pepper jam. Great on English muffins!

  • Margogo

    Prefer the old tart rhubarb recipe with less sugar

    I still love this, & bought 4 jars, but I prefer the older recipe that had a more tart rhubarb strawberry taste. I like that this has rhubarb first in the name & ingredients, so people who love rhubarb obviously like the tartness. I feel like you’ve added too much sweetness & it makes for an unbalanced taste. Anyone can get strawberry jam or jelly anywhere. The strong rhubarb taste is what made it special. It seems more bland & common now, more like regular basic jam. I won’t be buying this again, which is sad. I used to buy like 8 at a time because it was so unique.

  • garagelady

    If it ain't broke...don't fix it

    Have been a fan and purchaser of your Strawberry Rhubarb fruit spread for well over 10yrs..What happened ? I just received my order of 4 jars and thought it was a mistake. New packaging (smaller-12oz and new flavor) Where did the 16oz jars go? Not to mention that you also charge a $1.00 more for the smaller version. Why? If I do recommend TS it will come with a "Buyers Beware"

  • Midgie

    I absolutely LOVE this product!!!

    I have stopped eating grape jam once I discovered this product!!! i had never has rhubard in my life until now! I am addicted to this Rhubard Strawberry Fruit Spread!!!

  • MaryannJ

    Smaller jar same price?

    I am a lover of the product. Very disappointed to see the much smaller jar for the price. Do I love it so much that I will continue to purchase, I don’t know yet because I have not opened the jar.