Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce Serving Suggestions

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  • Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce Serving Suggestions




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75 Reviews
  • BBQSauce FAN

    Amazing bacon BBQ sauce A++++ product!

    I love BBQ sauce on all meat and this Smoky bacon barbecue sauce is the best!!!

  • Chef Alex

    Love this sauce!

    This sauce is sweet and smoky! Great on ribs, burgers, and meatloaf. Going to stock up and use all year long.

  • Meat Marinader

    Amazing marinade!

    First time trying this product and I love the taste of this right out of the bottle and after marinading on meat for over an hour. After cooking with it I taste less of the bacon flavor but still a great taste to any meat. It’s great to add some fresh sauce on the side to dip your meat for more flavor.

  • TS Products are the Best

    One of my new favorites!!

    I spread it on my pork chops in the oven and my husband and I loved it and my son gave it a 15 out of 10!!! You have to try it!!

  • BBQ Addict

    Amazing Flavor

    Lots of bacon and smoky flavor. Recommended for anything grilled.

  • Balsamic momma

    Anything Bacon

    We love anything bacon so it was a must have. We will be trying it out on everything.

  • PurpleMomz

    Best Ever

    This is my go to BBQ sauce, I buy extra to try and make it through the winter months, I never seem to purchase enough though... the more I have on hand the more I eat it...

  • Pepper lover

    Can’t beat bacon and Smokey flavor

    My wife and I ordered before and this is our 2nd bottle. She is not a fan of sauces but this is one she really likes.

  • ConLee


    I used it on pork ribs(I don't really like ribs) but this was making me want more. I let it marinade for at least four hours(turning occasionally). Husband put them on the grill, and now he wants nothing else. We are going to try it on beef ribs next.

  • Jay Z

    Delicious and Dynamic

    Works great as a glaze or dipping sauce. Adds deep, complex, bold, smokey and oakey flavor to any meat you are preparing. We add a few tablespoons to our chili or goulash as well! Will keep buying as long as its offered.