Taco Terrific!

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  • Mammamelissaruiz

    Only way I make taco seasoning

    Delicious. Rather not buy store bought seasons. Yum!

  • efeitel

    best taco seasoning ever

    this is my go to for tacos, enchiladas, burritos etc love love it

  • Momma27

    Only way to make tacos!

    Everyone always wants my secret taco recipe. It's the one meal I can cook with confidence.

  • mammamelissa

    Taco Terrific

    Only way I ever make my taco meat now! Forget the packet of dust at the store :)

  • simplyjenna

    Family Favorite For SURE!

    Just the right amount of kick and flavor. So better than taco seasoning from a bag with all the sodium. I even use Onion Onion instead of chopped onion for even more flavor.

  • MarjG

    My Go To Taco Recipe!!!!

    Who needs those sodium filled packets from the grocery store. I just use my favorite Fiesta Party Seasoning! This makes an Awesome homemade taco filling. I use for Chicken tacos & Nachos also.

  • Loving Tastefully Simple

    Family Favorite

    This recipe is requested by the family atleast once or twice a week. I never have anything left over on taco terrific night.

  • jules2372

    Fantastic tase

    I even use the Onion Onion in this recipe as well as the Fiesta Party dip/

  • amytslife

    The BEST taco seasoning ever!!

    Once you have this taco seasoning you will never go back to a prepackaged taco seasoning!

  • Kristina

    Only taco recipe you need!

    This is my go-to recipe for tacos, now that my boyfriend ate SEVEN of them the other night! Needless to say, winner in my house!