Tuscan Beef Stew

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  • Tuscan Beef Stew




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  • TSWithJess

    Tuscan Beef Stew

    This meal was fabulous!!!!! Absolutely loved it! Will definitely be making it again! Highly recommend!

  • The Foodie Mama

    Restaurant Quality

    This is one of my favorites! Such a great depth of flavor. I love the big chunks of Portabella mushrooms and artichoke hearts!!

  • Kami


    After searching for a recipe this caught my eye. I am so glad I tried it. So delicious and the entire family loved it! I did use the wine and I served it over egg noodles.

  • Amber76


    Very tasty. I cut down the seasoning to 2.5 TBSP and it was perfect. My 6 yr old loved it. I plan to add more veggies next time, maybe even carrots, celery, etc as it seemed a little meat heavy.

  • TS4foodies


    This makes a tasty, hearty stew. Delicious with a good, crusty bread!

  • KCampbell

    Love this hearty stew!

    So easy and different. I would never had normally picked this recipe but tried it with a meal collection and it's wonderful!

  • YummyStew

    One of the best things I Have ever eaten!

    This is amazing!!! Even the kids loved it. I wasn't sure about the artichokes but it is amazing! I used the wine, and love the depth of flavor. Tastes like something from a pricey Italian restaurant.

  • Stem

    So good!

    Wasn't too sure about this one, but it was at the top of the freezer. Wow. It is so good. I did not include mushrooms or wine. I made it again 2 days later- it was that good. Put it over egg noodles the second time, I liked it better than the stroganoff recipes.

  • Lynnar


    We used the coconut milk and it turned out fantastic! My husband ate it over noodles and I enjoyed it in a bowl. We will make this one again!

  • nellie

    Great recipe!

    Husband was tentative about the artichoke hearts, but he couldn't even taste them. He lately said I could make it again!