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179 Reviews
  • vminnie60

    Love This

    These are so good, they melt in your mouth, happy I purchased two bags. I will buy again.

  • Caramel Sauce and twisted

    Creamy caramel Dauce and Twisted Graham’s

    These are absolutely amazing. The Caramel sauce is incredible.

  • Lois

    Needs an FDA warning

    My husband who is very picky said " These things need an FDA warning because they are more addicting than cigarettes." He also asked that I please try not to run out of them. We have tried them with various dips and they hold up well with no breaking but they are just as tasty plain out of the bag.

  • maddog

    great snack

    Used these with strawberry shortcake cheese dip. Dipping with these was easy. They held up without breaking. Good amount in package. Will buy again!

  • decades

    Love them!

    Always liked these but thought I'd try something different. I make a dip with whipping cream and cheesecake pudding and thought these would taste good with it and was very much correct!

  • Pretzelfan

    Tasty Morsels

    When I open a bag of these pretzels, they never last long. My granddaughters love them. These pretzels are one of their favorite snacks.

  • Lv2tch

    Tasty but crushed

    The flavor is perfect. The size is great for dipping. My only complaint is my bag was mostly broken pieces, not whole "pretzels", so it was difficult to use in dip.

  • bneely

    The Twisty Grahams are the best

    Kept fresh and not too sweet! Will be back for another order!

  • SJones

    Twisty Grahams

    These are my favorite. I finally found a TS rep to order these. They are great with sweet dips or plain. For a little bag it comes full.

  • Simple eater

    Twisted Grahams

    Great snack to have If your craving something sweet