Seasoning Grinder Top

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Add a finer grind to your favorite Tastefully Simple seasonings. This adjustable grinder fits all of our standard-sized seasoning jars. Item: 422990

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Care Instructions:

Ÿ  Not dishwasher safe.
Ÿ  Hand wash with warm, soapy water; rinse well to avoid potential allergen cross contact between seasonings.


Ÿ  The adjustor and coarseness dial screw into the grinder. If they come off, simply reassemble.
Ÿ  Brush or shake out seasoning particles before washing.

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4 Reviews
  • Hope

    Just what I needed

    Perfect for so many seasonings and can be disassembled for washing, but there are many small pieces that need to be looked after.

  • Grinder

    Best grinder

    The size,quality is fabulous

  • Rebecca

    Great Seasoning Grinder!

    I initially only bought one of these to try it out and loved it so much I bought two more! I love how coarse TS seasonings are, but with a grinder top I can customize with finer seasoning for certain recipes, which I love. I will likely be buying more for more seasonings. :)

  • Dan Nicholaou

    Seasoning grinder top

    Adjustment is terrible, seasoning basically falls out when attempting to use even on minimum setting. Design is for golf ball sized seasoning apparently. From Tastefully Simple: We are so sorry to hear this! Please contact Customer Service and they will be happy to help replace the item. Their email is