Silicone Loaf Pan

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So pretty - so simple! Make dessert something special in this elegantly fluted pan, made of sturdy oven-, microwave- and air fryer-safe silicone. (9" x 5") Item: 421990

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9 Reviews
  • Heather Warner

    It is a liner!!

    This is a silicone loaf pan liner. If used correctly your breads and cakes will come out beautifully.

  • Denise Harsh Goldberg

    Silicone Loaf Pan

    I love this Silicone Loaf Pan. Makes easier to clean & store. My breads come out so cute with the design on top. I highly recommend using this. No more metal loaf pans.

  • Rose

    Loaf pan

    Made jello in this pan. Had to place into another larger pan and shore up the sides with dish towels so it didn't collapse and the jello come spilling out. However, when it was finished the jello looked great. Do use some form of support for the sides of this pan.

  • Rachael

    Perfect Pan!

    Cakes turn out beautiful! Easy to use and clean. I place the filled pan on a cookie sheet and bake, turns out amazing.

  • Satroutman

    Silicone loaf pan

    Put it inside a glass pan as recommended, still caved in on both sides. Then completely caved in when I plated it. Cake tasted great, but couldn’t take it as planned. Save your money.

  • KellyJo Ver Steeg

    Silicone loaf pan

    Very flimsy and cheaply made. You MUST use another loaf pan to hold this or it doesn’t keep its shape and bread turns out sloppy and spread out. Not worth the money.

  • r.j. tate

    Perfect Silicone Pan

    I saw my daughter baking lemon bread using this pan. Came out beautifully.! I had to have one! Very easy to use and clean! So happy I have my own now!

  • Kaloa DeBruhl

    I just used it today. the cake just slid out of the pan and so pretty

    I will be ordering different products

  • Maryellen Garcia

    Silicone Loaf Pan

    Honestly haven’t used it yet, but definitely looking forward to doing so! 5 stars for the beautiful look of it and the ease of cleaning and storage!!