Silicone Bar Pan

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Easily make 16 perfect mini-loaves of Bountiful Beer Bread, pound cakes and more with this contemporary bakeware. ( 13x9"). Oven-, microwave-, and air fryer safe. Item: 421989

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Care Instructions:

Ÿ  Freezer, oven, top-rack dishwasher and microwave safe.
Ÿ  Wash with warm soapy water or place in dishwasher.
Ÿ  Do not use steel wool, scouring pads, bleach or other strong cleaners.
Ÿ  Cool baked items completely before removing from pan.
Ÿ  Use an oven mitt when removing from oven or microwave.
Ÿ  Do not store in direct sunlight.
Ÿ  Do not place an empty pan in a hot oven. If there isn’t enough batter or dough to fill all the cavities, add water to the empty cavities.


Ÿ  Place the silicone pan on a baking sheet to provide stability when moving.
Ÿ  Non-stick cooking spray is not necessary, but may be used.

Item: 421989

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21 Reviews
  • April G

    Love this pan

    This is the absolute best when it comes to making little cakes and bread. The finished products pops out so easily. I do spray mine first but once it’s done and it’s cooled, you press them from the bottom and they just come out.

  • Kathy Beck

    Silicon bar pan

    The pan is easy to use and cleans up in the dishwasher.

  • Laura Waughtel

    Silicone bar pan

    I absolutely love this pan, I've used it 3 times now, nothing sticks to this pan. The grandkids love their mini confetti cakes.

  • Rosie


    This silicone bar pan is amazing! I used it for the first time today and the little cakes popped right out! The secret is to use the cooking spray before you pour anything in. So happy with this purchase. Can't wait to use it again. Made baking more fun too! And I love the small size for portion control not to mention no messy plates to clean up since you don't have to cut any cake! Love this!

  • Maryann

    Under baked and didn't come out easy

    Maybe it is because Im new to baking but the Tastefully Simple Bars I made were not cooked thru and I even put them back in to bake a 2nd time. Even after cooling the bars didn't come out whole. They stuck and were in pieces.

  • Loves to bake


    I really wanted to love this pan! After reading the reviews I was very excited to try it. I’ve tried brownies and muffins and no matter what I do, they stick and do not fully come out of the pan. My family just ate them in pieces but I bought this to use for a graduation party but sadly I will not be using it again.

  • Stephanie

    Amazing Silicone Bar Pan!

    Are you looking for a silicone bar pan? If so, look no more! This is amazing. The quality and the price are unbeatable.

  • Betty Tucker

    Silicone bar pan

    Made gingerbread bars, added raisons & walnut. Turned out delicious on my first try. Love this pan and all the different products. Great for party's and sharing.

  • Karen

    Silicone pan

    These worked great for individual serving of raisin brown bread for our Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Darrell or Mary Elsberry

    Silicone Bar Pan

    Love this pan! My first use was for chocolate chip cookie bars and they were a hit with the kids who were visiting for the weekend! Looking forward to make brownies, corn bread, beer bread, and literally anything else that I bake in it! Very happy with this purchase!