Absolutely Almond Thumbprint Cookies

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29 Reviews
  • Kimberly Leyman

    Perfect little cookie

    I have made these cookies many times now and they are always a hit - everyone loves them. They are the perfect little cookie to make for any occasion.

  • Bev Teunissen

    Great Cookies

    These super simple cookies use two of my favorite products. I love the combination of strawberry rhubarb and almond!

  • jenkaye21

    Easy & delicious!

    Super simple, 4 ingredient cookies. Beautiful and delicious.

  • CincyFoodie

    Holiday Cookie Winner!

    Easy, delicious and always a crowd pleaser. These cookies will be the first ones eaten from the dessert plate.

  • Jocelyn Eberhardt

    Easy Thumbprint Cookies!

    One of my customers sent me this photo after making Absolutely Almond pound Cake Thumbprints! She said they were so easy! How perfect do they look! It made my day seeing the finished product from a happy customer!

  • KristyAll4EazyBake

    Perfect and Elegant Cookie for Gatherings!

    So easy to make and the final product is delicious and appealing to the eye! You will not be disappointed!

  • TSbyRoberta

    Easiest cookie recipe!

    I made these for a work cookie exchange. Thanks in part to my stand mixer, they came together so fast and easy. I love that I only needed 4 ingredients to make a pretty impressive cookie! I’m definitely adding this recipe to my annual cookie collection. I ran out of the Strawberry Rhubarb spread (used an already open jar) with 4 cookies to spare. So I improvised and used the Heavenly Hot Fudge sauce on its place. Equally delicious as an alternative.

  • StacyC1969

    Amazing Cookies!

    These were a HUGE hit with my friends and family. They are fantastic and easy to make.

  • sarahjmcb

    Favorite cookies

    Instead of thumb prints, I use this recipe but shape the dough with mini cookie cutters and skip the jelly step. I've made them for many occasions and everyone always loves them. I've also added icing and sugar crystals on top.

  • Mimi69

    These cookies are amazing.

    I make these cookies for christmas. Everyone loves them.