Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip

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  • AAtherton1013

    Great dip for parties!

    Made this dip for a baby shower and it was a huge hit! Everyone was asking for the recipe! I did not add artichoke or spinach but I did 1/2 Swiss and 1/2 Italian cheese blend. Add beer bread or pretzel chips for the win! Note: I made 2 packets for 20 people and it was way too much! Next time I'll just use one.

  • jebaker


    This dip is the best. I always add chopped artichokes, and everyone loves it!

  • CJen

    A classic favorite

    We love this dip, and we use whatever cheese we have on hand, not just swiss. The dip also makes an incredible chicken entree, just add a can of cream of chicken soup to the dry dip mix and put it in your crockpot with cubed boneless chicken breasts. Add milk and/or cheese if desired before serving for extra saucy goodness. Serve with rice or pasta. Yum!

  • Bobbi478

    Oooy gooy cheesy goodness

    This product helps many great recipes: Spinach/Artichoke Chicken over pasta; rollups, creamy rice; the list can go on & on. However - the warm dip per package directions, the dip in its truest form, cannot be beat. I'll admit - this dip with Blue Aztec Chips has been my dinner more times than it should! <3

  • runnergirl

    Very good!!!

    This is a great appetizer to share with friends and family, everyone loves it!