Asian-Inspired Chicken Wraps

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  • Andrew Foss

    What a Wrap

    My wife was looking for something new. We love the Honey Teryaki Sauce. The picture of this alone sold it to us. Super easy to make and flavor for days!

  • Beth Nielson

    Sauce is amazing!

    Combining the Vidalia Onion Dressing and Honey Teriyaki Sauce is my new favorite! The taste is incredible!

  • smickeyrn1

    No need for take out!

    Under 30 minutes from fridge to fork, even for a hot mess in the kitchen like me! My family cleaned their plates and even asked for more. Full of flavor and hit the spot on a busy night where we are pulled in a million directions.

  • Blinc24

    Great flavor

    My whole family enjoyed this. For my son, I made a side of rice to him to made a rice bowl with the chicken - since he's not a "wrap" fan. I made it with chicken tenders. Will defintely add this to dinner rotation! I think I would make extra sauce though next time so there is a little extra to top the wrap with and might try a little ginger too. BUT is was delish as is.

  • TammyT

    It reminds me of Applebee's Asian Chicken Wraps

    I decided to substitute the bagged salad mix with the Asian Style Chopped Salad, and it reminded me of Applebee's wraps they used to have on their menu! So good & great for a quick meal! The kids used flour tortillas and I just ate it with the salad mix.

  • TMB3

    Family favorite!

    We make this weekly! My husband and kids inhale them. I try making extra and we still never have leftovers!

  • LoveToCookTS

    Great for Slow Cooker

    I cooked chicken in the slow cooker and the easy other ingredients made my life easy. Love this sauce so much!

  • Simplykatie

    The Honey Teriyaki Sauce is to die for!

    The very first meal I made with Tastefully Simple products were the Asian-Inspired Chicken Wraps. They were phenomenal and my family devoured every bite. I especially enjoyed all of the different components of the recipe and how they all worked well together. I highly recommend this recipe to all!!

  • Chasingjme

    Delicious wrap!

    This recipe was tasty. However, we enhanced the dinner by using an Asian style mixed bag of salad instead of lettuce it used cabbage. This provided a much needed textural component because we did not use nuts. Over all, yummy!

  • HeatherDforTS

    Asian Inspired Yum!

    I was very excited to try this recipe. When I went shopping for the ingredients, I read the noodle type wrong and ended up getting a bag of precooked Udon noodles... I prepared the wraps per the directions and added the udon noodles after the chicken was cooked (instead of crunchy noodles). It turned out to be my very favorite recipe in the collection so far! It has the perfect consistency and flavor! I didn't actually realize that it was meant to be made with the crunchy noodles until I was talking to my TS contact about how good it was! My kids and husband loved it! I will be making this one again for sure!